Bugs, Frogs & Walkers

Foot bath at the Fabrica
Poplar woods at the Fabrica

September can be a great month here, with the rain coming back and bringing new growth and life. Canillas de Albaida’s Fabrica de la Luz is one of the best places to enjoy this, and river and trees are beautiful. It’s a great place to start and end a walk.

Dwarf fan palm
Blue Throatwort
Bracken at the Fabrica

I remember doing an end-of-the-week easy-going walk with a great gang of people, who thought their 68 year-old club member was the baby (I must have been the foetus). We saw lots of growth in the woods and by the river, and a water-vole – “Ratty” – who swam into some reeds before I had taken a breath to say “Look”.

Perez’s frog

We saw a little frog too, who was more co-operative. I’ll call it Perez’s frog, though they have multiple names: Iberian water frog, Marsh frog, Coruna frog, Iberian Green frog… They are generally green but can be brown mottled, yellow mottled. and tiny or middling. The best i.d. tip is a yellow strip running from their nose over head and back.


At the picnic
Great Green Bush Cricket







But the star of that particular trip came to visit us as we relaxed at the picnic tables. A large male Great Green Bush Cricket (one of my distant cousins, of course) flew over to land suddenly on someone’s leg (giving them a fright). It accepted a perch on someone’s hand while the rest got on with their sandwiches.

Cricket & Cricket poo
Nervous reaction
Stern reaction

It then visited walker after walker, having a quick rest and thinking about the view before moving on, causing great hilarity. Especially when, having landed on one our more reticent friends, it carefully deposited a small grain of poo on his arm before leaving.

Curious reaction


This was a lovely gang of walkers so I was thrilled that they got a close up wildlife experience, in this beautiful place. Even if it did involve someone being pooped on.

I have been at the Fabrica more times than I can count, but remembering many visits, September feels like the time I should go back. And hopefully see more bugs & frogs, as well as walkers.


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