Rescuing Skimmers

Epaulet Skimmer

Seeing lots of dragonflies right now. September seems to be the moment: my best dragonfly shot was taken this time last year when magnificent Epaulet Skimmer that paused on a wall for me. I’m surprised because I have only ever spotted exuvia – the somewhat creepy empty body-shell of the nymph form – in late spring. Must be missing some.

Keeled Skimmer

This year in the past week I have rescued no less than 3 Keeled Skimmers from buzzing frantically against the ungiving windows until they sink to the runs in the floor in despair. They are quite easy to catch – they will cling to a finger – but as soon as lifted try to take flight, so I lift them into a glass. Furious they buzz within it (I fear for their wings, but it is only for moments) and then, finding themselves thwarted, play dead. To my great surprise (well, the first time, anyway) they lie on the bottom of the glass on their back, legs in the air, unmoving, apparently bereft of life, deceased ex-dragonfly, resting in peace. Until, outside, I removed the glass. Then each resurrected itself and skimmed away.

I’m glad to have seen a few in flight too. One dragonfly perched on the aerial of a parked car and to my amazement stayed put while I first discovered my camera had no batteries, then changed my batteries and focused. I didn’t get a shot I could i.d. from (another K.Skimmer? Or a Darter?), but you can only ask for so much. Love dragonflies, nature’s helicopters. Wonderful insects.



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