A little stroll by the Cájula

It seems like just a dull little path but it is not. Had a lovely little walk here by the Río Cájula early this month. It is very low in spite of recent rains. We have had a spell of cold weather, with snow making La Maroma look like a giant cake and the high meadows nicely dusted with icing, along with a week or so of rain on and off – but not enough to make up for months of drought.


Giant Cane

Still even with just a low rill running through the green bed this valley, which wends between terraces farmed with citrus fruit, avocado and olives, and natural park land, is one of the prettiest riverside walks here.

There’s not much flowering now, though it will soon come.

Sweet Alison

But of course there is something to see: there is still giant cane (Europe’s tallest grass) above my head and little Sweet Alison flowers at my feet though.




The width of the gully is a statement to how high the water on the rare occasions when it floods.

The pool here is man-made of course; I saw pond-skaters enjoying it and a water-boatman hunting under the weeds. Never seen frogs here but it’s perfect for them, I must come back and hunt for them.


I went further up, past the cliffs of shist or sandstone, with its tumble of monster darker rocks, from higher up – harder looking black outside and white where they’ve been broken open. They are grooved and patterned, and dangerous looking: a giant’s set of uneven marbles. Always enjoy the beautiful lichens growing on them.







I don’t quite know why so many walkers have an urge to make rock piles … but there is something aesthetically pleasing about them.


Love this little valley. I will come back in February to find the almonds at the top end.


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