Almonds and Oxalis

Oxalis on a track side

While it is freezing in London and snowing in Paris here it feels something like spring. Perhaps it is the bright yellow I can see on the fallow terraces and track-sides. They are think with Oxalis or “Mediterranean Buttercups” – a spreading weed that opens a cheery yellow face to the bright sun. It’s cheering to see given that, even in Málaga, January and February bring spells of rain, wind and cold.

Then there is the Malaga snow. Not the white stuff high on the sierra – though the local press is talking excitedly about snow falling on the beaches (as they do every year whenever a gust of cold air blows down from the north). I’m thinking of the almond blossom.

There aren’t huge almond farms in the Axarquía – the trees seem to be planted somewhat randomly – a terrace or two here, a small cluster there. The trees are small and not especially impressive – most of the year easy to ignore or forget. And then in December or January, you walk up a track and discover a treasure trove of lovely white jewels adorning a dozen trees you had forgotten existed. It’s part of their charm.


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