Flock of Choughs


Yesterday saw a flock of some 20-30 Choughs, flying over from Corumbela side towards Sayalonga.

I said they were probably Red-billed Choughs and “Aren’t they crows?” I was asked. But crows don’t tend to flock,  are bigger and quite clumsy or heavy looking in the air. The crows and rooks’ call is a deeper, croaky “craww”, said twice. The choughs call a single, sharper, caw, said once but called between the flock repeatedly.

Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax, Red-billed chough,

Choughs are smaller and more agile. I have seen them tumble in the air, as if they were playing, usually when walking on the ridge on the west side of the valley behind Corumbela, usually low over vineyards and olive farms.  They are good for the farmers – those curved red-bills do a lovely job picking the larvae of pests out of the turned soil.

Always chuffed to see choughs!


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