The Walks: Routes & Sketchmaps

Below is a list of (& links to) to my Routes & sketchmaps. Pay attention to Difficulty, not just distance. Categories are:

  • Very Easy:  Road or track with little ascent or descent.
  • Easy: Road, track or good paths with only gentle ascent or descent.
  • Medium: Mainly tracks and paths, some ascents or descents and possibly some exposure to steep drops.
  • Tougher: Tracks or paths, some narrow or eroded. May include hard ascents or descents, &/or scrambling, plus exposure to steep drops.
  • Hard: Longer distances on tracks or paths (some narrow and/or eroded), hard ascents or descents, and/or scrambling. Likely to include exposure to steep drops.

Routes & sketchmaps

Camino de ÁrchezEasy3 KmÁrchez to Cómpeta (linear)
The Low RoadEasy+2.5 - 3 KmCómpeta to Canillas &/or Árchez (linear)
Árchez-Albaida LoopEasy-Medium5.4 KmCanillas to Árchez & back (circular)
Cájula Valley LoopEasy-Medium6.4 KmCanillas to Árchez & back (circular)
Sayalonga Ridge WalkMedium7.5 KmCómpeta to Sayalonga
Shepherd's Cortijo Medium5.45 - 9.75 KmCanillas natural park, 2 options, linear or circular
Silk to Salt (Sedella to Salares)Medium+5 KmSedella to Salares, linear
Three PeaksMedium-tough10 Km2 Peaks and one pass between towns (Linear)
12 KmPeak Ascent in Natural park (circular)

What should I take?

  • Take WATER, Stick(s), Med-kit, charged Mobile phone, Water-proof, camera
  • Wear BOOTS, Sun-cream, hat
  • Use Your common sense

Sticks, hat, sun-cream, water-proof may be optional. But take water for EVERY WALK. Water doesn’t just refresh, it’s oil for your muscles. In warm weather it’s critical to your well being. Going steeply uphill in the sunshine in Malaga can make you hot in February! I take minimum 1 litre, max 2.5 litres, and use a water-bag + pipe, to take quick sips all the time. If you take a bottle have a drink every time you stop.

Medical. If you suffer from asthma, allergies or other conditions that may need prompt treatment take your medication with you. I have a minimum kit with painkillers, plasters, bandages, scissors, tape and an antiseptic spray; I find Compeed good for blisters.

Charged mobile phone. Beware of relying on it, though: some paths aren’t shown on the satellite mapping and several places in deep valleys have little or no cover.

Camera. Are you kidding? The views! The wildlife! The memories!