All about Wilding in Malaga

Malaga has it all – not just beaches, not just lovely towns, but bugs, birds, beasts, trees, flowers, mountains, forests, rivers, views: Fantastic! Come wilding & see…

Rhinosaurus beetle
Rhinosaurus beetle
"Pueblos blancos" Canillas de Albaida & Árchez
“Pueblos blancos” Canillas de Albaida & Árchez
Crested Lark on Atalaya

What is it about? Wildlife – enjoying it, identifying it, getting to see it. Walking – tough and gentle. And the interesting and odd life in Malaga.

San Anton celebrations (the oxen were pretty wild)
Fiesta de San Anton

Who is it for? You. Wildlife lovers, walkers and ramblers, fans of, or visitors to, Malaga especially the Axarquía: the east side of Malaga, from the sea to the sierras. Now and again though we might even get further afield.


Yet-to-be-i.d.'d spider.
Yet-to-be-i.d.’d spider.

For wildlife lovers: If you like birding, or wildflowers, or bats, or bugs or reptiles or scorpions … there will be something for you. Perhaps you can help solve some i.d. puzzles! Or you can send me your photos to post on the  “What You’ve Seen page.


From puerto collado
From Puerto Collado

For walkers: If you like half-day gentle walks in beautiful farmland – or if you prefer whole-day walks with lots of variety in the countryside – or if you just love really tough full-day mountain walks with stunningly dramatic views … there will be something for you. Routes, sketchmaps and notes, year round to help you plan; Walk stories (the good, the bad, the blisters) so you know what to expect.


Bordered Straw Moth on office window
Bordered Straw Moth on office window

For watchers: If you find getting out walking a bit difficult but can enjoy sitting on a wall by a vineyard – or a bench by the river – and watching the wildlife or the Spanish life … guess what? something for you too. Village views are good too! There’s wild things all around us!



Who is it by? Me. I’m Grasshopper. I am a little camera shy, but I do love hopping about in the Axarquia hills, chirping away to anyone who’ll listen and finding out what I can see. I’ve been walking, working and living here for well over a decade, and still find new paths to explore, new things to see.



I hope you’ll let me know what you’ve seen – wherever you’ve been hopping about – too. You can leave comments on any of the posts, find WildingMalaga on Facebook or Twitter or email me at Hoping to hop out on some walks of yours. Let’s go wild!

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