Malaga Invertebrates

Praying Mantis, Cómpeta

I love bugs! Almost all of them and not just the socially acceptable – butterflies, ladybirds, bees. I like the wierd and wonderful, the squishy, the bizarre. The vast majority I find perfectly charming, interesting, even beautiful in their own way, so the general disgust at bugs seems strange to me. There are one or two species that even I acknowledge to be nasty. But even those are fascinating.

Malaga is home to a wonderful variety of buglife and best of all much of it is happy to be seen and may even stick around for a photoshoot. The table shows some of my best shots/most interesting sightings. Grasshoppers abound!

Araneae Wolf SpiderLycosa tarantulaMay Day walks
AraneaeOrangebum Jumping SpiderPhilaeus chrysops
ColeopteraDung BeetleScarabaeus Laticollis
Hymenoptera Black AntsLasius nigerSalvage Operation
LepidopteraSmall Copper ButterflyLycaena phlaeas
MantidaeMediterranean MantisIris oratoriaOctober Mantis
Neuroptera Owly SulphurLibelloides coccajusMay Day walks
Odonata Epaulet SkimmerOrthetrum chrysostigmaRescuing Skimmers
Odonata Keeled SkimmerOrthetrum coerulescens
Orthoptera Great Green Bush CricketTettigonia viridissima