Malaga Plants

After the fire. Barren indeed.
Valleys full of flowers

“Barren.” That’s how I have heard Málaga described. But after I’d picked my jaw up I realised the speaker was looking at the fire-ravaged hills above Cómpeta. I’d walked in those hills in the springs that followed and saw valleys stuffed full with more flowers than the Chelsea flower show.

Snap dragon (Antirrhinum)

The flora here is wonderfully varied. As well as a challenging climate we have challenging topography – a rise of 2000+ metres within about 20Km, from beach to Sierra. Some mountain plants must adapt to freezing winters as well as baking summers. Most must adapt to drought, but there are springs that provide some lucky valleys with consistent water, so you can find water-loving plants here even in the midst of the heat if you know where to look.


The Med. is a young environment, still changing. A botanist once told me that 70% of flowering species are still hybridising, making accurate i.d.s hard. No guarantees for I.Ds, then, but my photos (click on them to get full screen) give an idea of what I see in this wonderful region.

Arundo donaxGiant Cane aka Giant ReedFlowers Aug-DecA stroll by the Cajula
Asphodel fistulosusHollow stemmed AsphodelFlowers Feb-JuneOn waste ground
Bituminaria bituminosa a.k.a Psoralea bituminosaPitch TrefoilFlowers Mar-JulThe Painter's palette
Chamaerops humilisDwarf fan palmBugs, Frogs & Walkers
Crepis capillarisSmooth HawksbeardFlowers Jan-JulOn waste ground
Cynoglossum cheirifoliumHound's TongueFlowers Feb-JulOn waste ground
Erodium moschatumMusk StorksbillFlowers Feb-MayOn waste ground
Lobularia maritimaSweet AlisonFlowers Jan-SeptA stroll by the Cajula
Ononis natrixYellow RestharrowFlowers Apr-Jul
Ophrys scolopaxWoodcock OrchidFlowers Feb-AprHaving a laugh in any weather
Orchis masculaEarly Purple OrchidFlowers Mar-AprHeroic Orchids
Oxalis Pes-caprae
Oxalis pes-caprae
"Mediterranean Buttercup"Flowers Dec-MayAlmonds and Oxalis
Pteridium aquilinumBrackenBugs, Frogs & Walkers
Prunus dulcisAlmond treesFlowers Dec-MarchAlmonds and Oxalis
Smyrnium olusatrumAlexandersFlowers Feb-JuneOn waste ground
Trachelium caeruleumBlue ThroatwortFlowers Apr-SeptBugs, Frogs & Walkers
Vinca majorLarge Blue PeriwinkleFlowers Feb-May