Flora and fauna of Malaga

Malaga covers 7,308 Km², which is almost twice the size of Kent, and it’s geography varies widely, so its wildlife does too.

We have coastline, of course, but also dramatic river valleys, freshwater lakes and a salt water lagoon, limestone plateaus, mountains and cave systems, and more. We go from sea level to over 2000m in a matter of 30km or less, which means our climate can be sub-tropical or continental. Quite a range.

Here are just a few of the species I’ve seen here in the last decade+

This website is biased to what I can manage to capture as an amateur with an ordinary camera – more flowers and bugs than birds and beasts. Also I’m Axarquia-based so see more of this east side of the province.

I’ll add posts on the best of each month, i.d. problems and species that have caught my interest. And, I must add, I’d love you to tell me of any i.d.s you can suggest or correct. The wilding geek coming out – I like to know everything’s name!

Post your images (low res jpegs please) to grasshopper@wildingmalaga.com, with a note of where, when, what (if you know) and your name (or pseudonym) and I will add them to the Wilders’ wild life: what you have seen page.